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Archive for March 11th, 2010

Basketball Hoop & Accessories

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Finding a basketball hoop that works for you is easy with so many options available today. One popular basketball hoop accessory is pole pads. Pole pads make your hoop look better but they also provide an extra safety feature. Whether your hoop has round poles or square poles you will be able to find pads that are a perfect fit. Most pads are made of foam with a vinyl covering so they are weather resistant. They come with a Velcro strip for easy removal.

Another basketball hoop accessory is the basketball goal net. These nets attach to the back of a basketball hoop just under the rim and extend down to the ground. These nets are great for practicing shots and free throws. No more running after balls and missed shots. The ball simply rolls down the net and back to you. Basketball goal nets give you more time to practice the shots that are most important to you. These nets can be left on a basketball hoop or removed and stored as needed.

A basketball system anchor kit is another helpful accessory. This tool helps mount your basketball system for more safety. It also helps reduce the amount of vibrations on the poles for more precise shots. These kits are fairly easy to assemble and can be removed as needed.

Another accessory to help assist you with your shots is a ball return. This is a metal or plastic chute that snaps on to the rim of most goals. When you make a shot, the ball goes down the chute and right back to you. You won’t have to chase the ball around and can spend more time shooting and practicing the shots that may win the game. It is great for free throw practice and adjusts for shots made from all different angles.

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Buying US Flags Online

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

American Flags are displayed proudly in many office buildings, schools, colleges and even cars. The flag lovers can now shop online as well. A flag of any country is a symbol of freedom, love and sacrifice of millions of its citizens in the battle field. American flag was first displayed in the year 1776 to commemorate the beginning of a new nation.

What are the flags made of?

The flags are mostly made of dupont nylon fabrics. This fabric is specially developed for the flags. The tight weaving provides luster to the cloth and maximum flyability. The colours are brilliant and its weaving prevents the pollution from getting attracted. It is water repellent and so is best suitable for outdoor activities.

Features of US flags that are hanged outdoors

• The US flags are double stitched with tough synthetic threads.
• The flying ends are reinforced with four rows of stitching.
• The finishing of the US flags is sometimes done with heading and brass grommets.
• Generally the sizes larger than 8 x 12′ have roped headings.
• Most of the flag providers will give you sewn stars for sizes larger than 10 x 15′.

All other smaller sizes will have embroidered stars.

Before buying flags you must know some essential flag etiquettes

• Make sure that flag is not touching the ground at all cost.
• You must display it at all weather conditions, so you must buy all weather flags.
• You must hang it in correct position always i.e. the blue star on top left.
• You must never employ it for making clothing.
• If you feel like discarding your old flag then you must burn it in dignified manner.

Buying US flags online

You can buy the flags online. The online stores provide you flags at discounted rates. To know more about the US flags and where can you buy them from kindly search the net. The net is flooded with such online traders who are into manufacturing and selling of the flags.

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