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Buying New Laptop

To buy a new laptop is a very confusing task for everyone. Here we take a discussion that how to purchase a new laptop. Basically the first thing to decide that it can do to fulfill your basic need. You can take help from your friend in this matter.

Decide Your Need
Firstly decide that what is your purpose behind to buy a laptop. If you are a student, your purpose will be for education. According to your work or job find out your requirements. It may be for fun like for spending free time, watching movies, playing games and doing something else, etc. If you are a programmer, working in an IT company or IT student, you will choose a good hardware configuration laptop. If once you decide your requirements, according to these requirements, you can choose hardware specification.

This is very important part of the laptop and whole working of the machine depends on this part. If you need a laptop for programming, gaming, or working on the Internet, you must buy a higher version processor laptop otherwise you can’t do perfect work or it can do slow your speed of working. There are the many types of processor available in the market. In these times Core i7 is the latest and the highest version among all processors. But this processor is expensive, apart from Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 are also the latest version and these versions may be reasonable. If your requirements only for fun and normal education, then you should purchase Dual Core processor and this type of laptop not much expensive.

RAM is the primary memory of the laptop, the working speed of the machine also depends on this part, it is another very important part of the laptop. If you are working in the animation field or fond of playing games, RAM must be much enough. 2GB or 3GB RAM is normal in these days, but if you want to extend your laptop RAM, you can do this to pay some extra cost.

Hard Disk
It is the secondary memory of the laptop, it doesn’t affect the working speed, but the whole storage of the device depends on this part. The complete operating system is loaded in it and all data also stores. If you fond of watching movies, playing game, you should buy larger hard disk. Minimum 500 GB is normal in these days. Be careful and decide it according to your need, because it can’t extend in the laptop, but it can replace by paying extra cost.

In the market mainly two types of screen display are available, LCD and second one is LED display. LED is better than LCD, but more expensive in comparison of LCD. The features of LED is good, that’s why LED is better. Apart from it, one thing is more important that the size of the laptop depends on the screen size. So, choose better to keep your requirements in your mind.

Same as screen, two types of keyboard are available in the market, Numeric keyboard and the second one is without numeric key. If you are buying big screen size laptop, you will get Numeric keyboard automatically. This will not affect the cost of the laptop.

Graphic Cards
Graphic Cards are optional. If you are working as a game developer or fond of game playing, you will buy laptop with graphics. According to your need, you can extend graphics like 1,2 and 3 GB. It may make expensive your machine, but the qualities of images, videos and visual effects will fantastic.

USB Ports
Minimum three USB port should be in you laptop, that much is your desire. So, find according to your desire.

Operating System
Operating System is an operator which operates your machine. It should be the latest version of that OS, which is purchased by you. You can load aother OS after purchasing.

Extra features
A good laptop should be slim as well as light weighted and complete body of the machine in one color which is of your choice.

Now this time to match the cost, from you desire cost. If it is getting in the range of your desire cost or in less, you should to buy it, otherwise you can search online with any discount or may change company of the product, still work not be done, then you may think about to extend your desire cost, because if you are getting a good product, it would be not a bad deal.

Warranty and Accessories
Before purchasing, confirm about warranty, it should be of minimum one year and more. Some company gives you scheme that you can extend the warranty by paying some extra money. Besides warranty you must confirm about all accessories such as charger, carry bag, etc.
In the last collect your purchasing bill and make sure that it is original.

Now you can understand your need and find out your requirements. Henceforth you can go in your desire showroom or buy online and do fulfill needs.