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Site of the Month for July 2011

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

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Benefits of Wooden Balance Bikes for Little Kids

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

For little kiddies who are just discovering the joy of riding a bike, it is important that they use balance bikes. A balance bike is sometimes referred to as a run bike. This is a training bicycle which helps children learn and balance and steering.

Learning to ride a bike is one of the lessons of childhood that is very important to both kids and their parents. But, due to the coordination skills needed to properly balance a bike, the use of training wheels has become commonplace. However, training wheels often give children a false sense of security, which can make the process of transitioning to a traditional bike frustrating for both parents and children.

Many parents don’t realize that by purchasing children’s bicycles with training wheels, they are actually interfering with their child’s ability to learn to ride a traditional bicycle. Instead, parents should consider starting their child out on a toddler bike that is specifically designed to help children develop the balance and coordination needed to navigate a regular bike.

The wooden balance bike, does not have wheels. Instead this toy helps to build a child’s balance and coordination skills by allowing them to focus primarily on the act of staying upright on the bike. Parents also appreciate the safety aspect of a balance bike. Because of the way it is built, it is easy for kids to learn how to ride this type of bike.

Parents do not have to worry so much about their kids falling or losing their balance. And when the child has outgrown this bike, it will be very easy for them to transition to a regular bike without the use of training wheels in the learning phase.

They can be ridden by children who are very young. Even kids who are younger than 2 years old can learn the basics of bike balance when riding a bike with no wheels. This means that very young children will be able to transition to traditional bikes much sooner than they usually would. Because these bikes are propelled by the child’s own muscles, it’s also a great form of exercise for a child’s legs and cardiovascular system.

These balance bikes work well in families with several kids. Because they are wooden, there is no pressure to purchase a bike that is specifically a girls bike or a boys bike. A bicycle that really helps to develop a child’s basic motor skills is a wise purchase that both parents and children will appreciate, due to the quick and easy learning curve of wooden balance bike.

Kiddimoto is a family business based in rural Somerset. At Kiddimoto we manufacture very high quality wooden ride on balance bikes. Kiddimoto balance bikes are recommended for children aged 2 years to 6 years. Kiddimoto give a full 1-year guarantee and always aim to:

* give the best customer service
* deliver high quality products
* be safety and environmentally conscientious
* give full customer support