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Tips on Flame Angelfish Care

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Flame angel fish care, aquarium fish. The angel fish, angel fish or flaming bears his name because of its color, bright red and orange (like a flame that burns), with vertical black or blue, purple spots on their sides.

The fish is found mainly in the Pacific Ocean, in the tropical. This aquarium fish usually grow to a size of about 10 inches and live about 6 to 7 years.

Caring for flame angel fish

If you want to keep an angel fish in an aquarium, then you have little work because it can adapt well in an aquarium. Here are some tips you need to take into account in order to take proper care of your fish and make them live longer.

First let’s get to the most important part of building an aquarium in which fish are kept. It is best to use a aquarium which is 200 to 300 liters capacity.

The tank should be large enough to have places for fish to hide. Add some rocks at the bottom of the tank and some good places to hide, because the angel fish likes to hide.

You can add live rock in the aquarium to encourage natural algae growth.

The flame angelfish are territorial fish and sometimes even intimidate smaller fish. Therefore, it is best to add the angel after adding the other fish in the aquarium. In addition, it is best not to put angel calls together in the same tank, or better yet, avoid putting two fish of the genus, in the same tank, as the angel of fire are known for their hostility towards members of the same species.

These fish calls, eat wellplantsfed to meat. It can also survive in flakes, but it should also give them frozen and live food.

The algae growing on rocks that have been placed at the bottom of the tank, are also a part of the diet of fish.

One of the bad things about the angel fish is that they often come with some type of disease saltwater fish Which could be extended to other fish in the tank as well. Therefore, it is best to keep these fish in a quarantine tank before introducing them into the main tank.

Shop Online For Pet Supplies

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Pet supply stores can be low in number in your area and may not offer a very fine selection for your pet. Some people may not even know what supplies to get for their pet. Online shops provide greater options and can lead you to better products if you learn the basics on how to shop for these supplies. These tips should put you in the right direction to quality supplies.

Find Local Dealers

Finding local based dealers online should be your first step because the support teams behind the shop are more accessible and the shipping costs are most likely lower. Some of these pet supply stores may sell items that come from premium manufacturers while others may offer some of the products that you can only find internationally which could be even better if your budget allows.

Look for Product Reviews

No matter what types of supplies are being sold, you won’t be able to tell if these products are actually good. Don’t let the online store do the talking because they are more focused on making you buy as many pet supplies as you can. Some online sites may have a comment area where people can post their feedback on certain pet supplies. If comments aren’t available, do an Internet search on the product name and see what others have to say about these pet supplies.

Compare with International Dealers

You might find an international dealer that sells the same items that local dealers offer along with newer or more improved pet supplies. If the online retailer has a good reputation in selling quality pet supplies to international consumers, this may be the better dealer for you if the price difference isn’t much. Just keep in mind that items coming from international dealers may take longer.

Take Advantage of Voucher Codes

Some online pet supply stores drive attraction to customers in the form of voucher codes where a code needs to be inputted for some bonuses to take place such as discounts, free gift items, or free shipping. Taking advantage of several voucher codes can stack up to more savings that you can use to buy more pet supplies.

Concentrate on a Single Online Store

You might end up ordering from two different stores because they offer different supply products. While this method should be fine in getting exactly what you need, it is much easier to concentrate on a single store so you can easily fill up your shopping cart with everything you need and then enjoy a lower shipping cost for all of the goods combined.