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Importance of Disposable Hospital Uniform

Treating patients or working in the medical research department. A Hospital Uniform is a must for all. Especially a lab coat is very important in the world of science. Everyone who works in the laboratory or in the medical field needs to wear lab coat every day. It does not matter if you work in the lab making complex potions or in the operating room cutting people up.

White Lab coats allow the wearer to detect slightest presences of dust or germs on the coat. They are made of cotton blend that would be heat resistant and tolerant of many fluids which can corrode the surface of other material. Wearing a Hospital Uniform made of cotton blend needs a lot of care after they are worn. A study of used uniforms has proved that about 60percent of the used uniforms carry dangerous germ and bacteria. Even after them being washed and disinfected. The World Health Organization has mentioned that the healthcare-associated infections are 20 times higher in the developing countries than the developed countries. Some of these infections are dangerous and its treatments are very expensive. Thus it is rightly said, €prevention is better than cure’.

Disposable Hospital Uniform would be the best prevention taken for infectious diseases that spread by bacteria’s and germs. Disposable uniform are very useful as they can be replaced after the wear and tear if used in laboratories. In case doctors and nurses use the uniforms and they get soiled with blood, fluid and other hazardous bacteria while treating the patients. A fresh disposable uniform is used every day. This would not only protect the staff but also the patients. These Hospital Uniforms need to be fluid resistant so that they can withstand exposure to chemicals of all sorts and protect the doctor from blood and other products which are contaminating in nature.

Disposable Hospital Uniform is usually made of plastic, thin and only used to protect the clothes. These are economic, convenient to use and serve the purpose well. The ones that are used more intensively have a lining of material below the surface layer to prevent any sort of contamination or infection from spreading. Nowadays, with cost cutting on top of the priorities within every institute, disposable uniforms are becoming increasingly popular among doctors as they look the same, serve the same purpose and don’t have to be cleaned and preserved for future use.