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Making Cloth Doll

Cloth dolls have been the norm and constant companion of every little girl in most parts of the world. Part of the attraction of cloth dolls is their utter simplicity. Virtually anyone with spare cloth and who knows how to use a needle can make cloth dolls of their own design. Making cloth dolls is also a good pastime, with the result of creative efforts good enough to display or give away as treasured gifts. This adds a special value to the gift, as being a result of a labor of love instead of being generically manufactured and just taken out of store shelves.

Though cloth dolls may look used and worn as years go by, it is one kind of toys that almost always bears happy childhood memories with it. It is also one kind of toy that could easily become a family heirloom, passed from one generation to another.

Another advantage of having cloth dolls is the fact that its parts are easily replaceable. A plastic doll that loses one of its limbs could not be repaired. On the other hand, cloth dolls with torn parts easily get assembled with minimal fuss. And through the years, these repaired parts become visible marks of how much the cloth doll has been a dear companion of its owner.

Cloth dolls are not also just meant as toys but as work of arts as well. Soft bodied dolls have been used in centuries past to display elaborate costumes and dresses. Some of these dolls are sold to enthusiasts and collectors while some are made for the enjoyment of the makers themselves.

Vintage cloth dolls enjoy a healthy demand by collectors from all over the world. The advent of the internet has allowed these products to be marketed more easily to a specialized niche market. There are also books and magazines published for avid makers and collectors of cloth dolls. Out of these published materials and from internet one can also procure patterns and instructions on how to make these treasured items.

Today, manufacturers of cloth dolls have taken steps to stay in the highly competitive market. Cloth dolls are made of high quality fabric that is both durable and soft to touch. Most are also made of hypoallergenic materials that are easily cleaned with gentle washing. Cloth dolls have also become increasingly attractive, with countless possibilities in terms of size, shapes, and styles of clothing. And because cloth dolls are soft and huggable, it can be the perfect gift even to an infant, whose tiny hands will not have difficulty grasping these items. There are also several accessories available for cloth dolls, including spare clothing or costumes, dollhouses, and even embellishments for clothing that can be easily attached or sewn on.

So the next time you are thinking of giving something for someone, be it a child or adult, consider giving cloth dolls. If making one is quite beyond your time or capability, an especially unique one can easily be ordered online or in stores.

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