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Southern Belle Costume For Kids

A Southern Belle costume for kids is perfect for that special Halloween event and provides fun dress-up all year €round! Dressing up as a lovely belle of the ball from the Old South never goes out of style. These charming costumes for girls are available on line for both children and toddlers.

What little girl wouldn’t love dressing up as a Southern belle in this charming costume? The dress comes in light pink or burgundy polyester with layers of tiered ruffles on the exquisite ankle-length skirt. The bodice has ruffled off-the-shoulder sleeves and comes with a wide belt in dark pink. The ruffles on both the bodice and the skirt have dark pink edging that matches the belt. The costume comes with a wide-brimmed lacy hat of the same color as the dress. A lovely dark pink ribbon to match the belt of the dress keeps the wide-brimmed hat in place and makes a perfect finishing touch! And the Southern Belle costume for kids is available in children’s small, medium or large sizes.

Of course, no Southern belle would be without her lacy parasol to accent her femininity and ward off the hot Southern sun. So your little Southern Belle will want to carry one, too. A white lacy parasol can be bought on line as a separate item. Another item you might want to consider is the children’s wig with bouncy big curls that comes in white. You can also buy black lace-up boots in children’s sizes on line that’ll really make this costume picture perfect!

Also available is a toddler version of the Southern Belle costume for kids. The shiny pastel green polyester top has shoulder straps in pink satin and ruffled edging. The ankle-length skirt of the costume is tiered in ruffles edged in the same pink satin as the straps. A pretty pink satin sash around the waist completes the dress. The wide-brimmed hat that comes with the costume is the same pastel green color as the skirt and decorated with a pink satin ribbon to match the skirt’s sash. You’ll want to run quick for your camera to catch a memorable moment when you see your little one dressed up in this lovely Southern belle costume.

Southern Belle charmers will love the white gloves that are available on line which go very well with this costume. Gloves are available in long or short length. The gloves come in cotton as well as lace. You can also choose lacy glovettes that expose the fingers and might be easier for children to wear. You might also consider a lacy white fan or parasol. Available to buy on line as well, both of these items will delightfully accessorize this costume. What a picture of sweet perfection, your Southern belle will be in these lovely costumes and accessories.

For sure, your little girl will be the belle of every ball she attends when wearing the Southern Belle costume for kids to any dress up event this season.