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Audio Books For the Blind

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

In today’s society, we obtain a great deal of information and entertainment using computers and the internet. Because they are very image-based, blind and visually impaired people struggle much more to access comparable information. Nor is Braille that much more convenient. While it does allow people to enjoy written language, it can be expensive and out of reach for many blind people.

A technological advance for blind and visually impaired people was developed. Audio books for blind people allow many more people to easily obtain information, hear stories, and stay current with the world’s news.

Mass production of audio books for the blind meant that for the first time, visually impaired individuals could go online and download a book. While it may seem simple, this allowed the first opportunity to enjoy books in an expensive or even free way.

In this case, technology has provided an enormous benefit for people around the world: blind people can now obtain an education that they would not have even five years ago.

The scope of audio books for the blind is unlimited, giving visually impaired people the ability to enjoy subjects like art, music, drama, history, economics, geography, literature, and more. This would have been unimaginable – or at least a dream – even a few years ago.

Audio books for the blind have been a great boon for education. Core subjects of reading, mathematics, writing, and science are available in audio form, giving every student and every lover of knowledge access to education.

Audio books for the blind also provide an opportunity for entertainment. Now, blind and visually impaired people can simply hear a story for pleasure, and the choices are diverse. Thousands of books – all different forms of fiction and nonfiction, contemporary or classic, popular, and more obscure – are available for the enjoyment of blind people.

Audio books are a great example of how technology can benefit and enhance people’s lives, especially those with disabilities.