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Tips on Flame Angelfish Care

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Flame angel fish care, aquarium fish. The angel fish, angel fish or flaming bears his name because of its color, bright red and orange (like a flame that burns), with vertical black or blue, purple spots on their sides.

The fish is found mainly in the Pacific Ocean, in the tropical. This aquarium fish usually grow to a size of about 10 inches and live about 6 to 7 years.

Caring for flame angel fish

If you want to keep an angel fish in an aquarium, then you have little work because it can adapt well in an aquarium. Here are some tips you need to take into account in order to take proper care of your fish and make them live longer.

First let’s get to the most important part of building an aquarium in which fish are kept. It is best to use a aquarium which is 200 to 300 liters capacity.

The tank should be large enough to have places for fish to hide. Add some rocks at the bottom of the tank and some good places to hide, because the angel fish likes to hide.

You can add live rock in the aquarium to encourage natural algae growth.

The flame angelfish are territorial fish and sometimes even intimidate smaller fish. Therefore, it is best to add the angel after adding the other fish in the aquarium. In addition, it is best not to put angel calls together in the same tank, or better yet, avoid putting two fish of the genus, in the same tank, as the angel of fire are known for their hostility towards members of the same species.

These fish calls, eat wellplantsfed to meat. It can also survive in flakes, but it should also give them frozen and live food.

The algae growing on rocks that have been placed at the bottom of the tank, are also a part of the diet of fish.

One of the bad things about the angel fish is that they often come with some type of disease saltwater fish Which could be extended to other fish in the tank as well. Therefore, it is best to keep these fish in a quarantine tank before introducing them into the main tank.

Eviroment Friendly Shopping

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Those who use plastic bags are unaware of the damage that they pose on environment. Plastic bags take about 100 years to get decayed completely and when they decompose they pollute water and soil with toxins. The chemicals released on the decomposition of plastic bags are lethal and have deleterious impact on the animals who consume them. Moreover, if these bags go to the water bodies, they kill the marine life. Environment friendly shopping bags are absolutely safe to the environment and can be custom printed.

Those who use reusable grocery bags need to be applauded. These bags save environment in more than way. During their production, they release less carbon dioxide in the environment and they are made up of canvas which is absolutely safe and easily degradable. Apart from saving the environment, there is another good reason to use environment friendly grocery bags. These bags are available in vibrant colors and various styles so these bags can be the object to flaunt. Buyers can also get them custom printed.

There is one personal benefit of using these reusable grocery bags. There are many grocery shops that offer cash incentives to the customers who bring their own canvas bag for shopping. So whether you choose to save the Mother Nature or save your own money, using these bags is a good option either ways. These bags are available in the lowest prices in several online stores and therefore people prefer to buy them in wholesale.

If you want to salvage the deteriorating environment then take a simple and easy and stride of purchasing these environment friendly bags. Finding these bags is an easy task. There are many online stores from where you can get hold of reusable tote bags, trade show bags and grocery bags. Companies that want to purchase these bags in bulk can place their order online. If these bags are for commercial use then you have the option of getting your company name and logo printed on them.

Owing to their multiple benefits more and more people are switching to eco-friendly grocery bags. If you are on a go-green mission and want to reduce carbon footprints then bring home these bags. These bags are also a good way to flaunt styles as they are available in a vast range of colors and styles. Moreover, you have the choice of getting them custom printed as per your choice. They are cost effective and therefore they are pocket friendly apart from being eco-friendly. There are plenty of online stores which sell these bags in bulk and therefore you can easily purchase them from the convenience of your home.