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Write Your Flower Gifts

How do you prefer sending those bunch of flowers to your near ones? While some prefer to pack and serve; some however go to the extent of making their flower gift special by attaching a lovely message. It is suggested to never leave a plain gift but to make it special with commendable message your loved ones would love to know. If you are lost in words as to which words best define your message, this article should help you. This is a series of article on write your flower gifts. In the article, we cover one very special occasion – Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day card message

Send gifts to Philippines with a message
Please note: You can customize the messages
Sending gifts on, before or after V Day!

o I love you so much I couldn’t wait for V Day!
o To my love on this nice day of love
o Flowers speak my words
o Flowers are representatives of me
o What about the flowers that send love
o Those flowers are from me
o Couldn’t wait another day to say I Love You!
o Love is in the flower

Need nice ideas? Stay tuned for our article on write your flowers ideas for other occasions! Meanwhile we encourage you to read the article on how writing a message before you send your Philippines gift can make a difference.

Send gift with a word that mean you love
What when you send gifts to Philippines (such as flower)
Make a style statement by leaving a note of love that you care. If you send a note of love, the recipient can relate with the message and flower. Sending flowers without message would make the thing too formal. And that it doesn’t create a sense of love. Words can make a difference and make the idea of sending flowers special.

When choosing a message for send flowers to Philippines or just in any other country, make sure to choose a message that reflects you. Attach your name and the name of the person who receives it.

Choose flowers that combine the font of your message. Contrast your fonts to create a lovely impression. For instance, if your flowers are of white colour, try to incorporate the font in red. Try This overall colour fun.

Gifts to Philippines can be sent as you require, but if you choose to send flowers as gifts, the overall idea become nice.