India Hicks Share’s Her Spring Hit List

When your father is a famed interior designer, your mother is a Lady and your grandfather just happens to have been the last Viceroy of India, it’s fair to say you’re bound to create a life for yourself that’s anything but typical. India Hicks has done just that, and on a tiny Bahamain island with her husband and children to boot. As the founder of her own eponymous company, Hicks strives to help women create businesses, share stories and deepen friendships through sales networks as well as her e-commerce site – and most recently, with the launch of direct sales business. “It encourages women to live an extraoridnary life“, says Hicks.

Though India Hicks may live in the balmy, eternal summer of the Caribbean she never loses sight of how style is evolving throughout the globe from season to season. We asked her to share some of her must-haves from The Luxer’s newest spring collections.