These Dresses Look Great

I haven’t worn flats this much since I hurt my back last year. But with my only outings being dog walking and essential errands, heels just don’t make sense. I trade off between slip-on style shoes (see my faves here) and my favorite white leather sneakers.

Is It Possible for Your Clothes and Jewelry to Reflect Your Personality

How you dress and what accessories you choose to compliment your outfits tell everyone you meet a lot about your personality. One day you may be dressed up, with every hair in place and the next day, you could be as plain as the day is long.


Sun, sand, and sea are my idea of the perfect summer getaway. Any day you can spend at the beach or on the water, is a good day indeed. But before you can take off on a fun getaway, you need to pack those summer clothes. I have a few tips and a printable packing list to get you started.

The Fundamentals of Women’s Fashion

Everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion, trying to force yourself into clothes that match other people’s styles, but not your own, is an approach doomed to failure. What works for one woman won’t necessarily work for the next and, more importantly, what feels comfortable for one woman might feel incredibly awkward for the next.

How To Feel Great Every Time You Get Dressed

Did you know you can instantly feel a lot better about your body simply by choosing clothes that fit and flatter you now, rather than putting it off until you reach some ideal weight?

Or that the best way to exude sexuality and confidence is not by squeezing into skin tight clothes but finding outfits that work with your body?

My Favorite Spring And Summer Jewelry

When it comes to summer jewelry, I love delicate layered jewelry, beaded bracelets, and fun statement earrings. These are a few of my favorite pieces of summer jewelry.

These 9 Vintage Fashion Trends

I’ll admit that lately, a good portion of my downtime has been spent on my phone. When I’m not scrolling through Instagram, stuck in a TikTok hole, or FaceTiming family and friends, I’m most likely on Etsy searching for vintage clothing. Snagging slightly more affordable, vintage versions of today’s top trends is my ultimate fashion hack. And, right now, my cart is full of fabulous finds waiting to be purchased — when the time (and my budget) is right.


I love parties on yachts. I love Cape Cod. I love fresh lobster.

But I really love this



Summer this year in DC has been remarkably hot and foul. It’s known for its humidity and lack of cool breeze but this solstice has met us with a painful wave of temperatures hovering around and lingering in the 90s. It’s that kind of wet heat that chokes you and makes you feel like life is simply about survival.

My days of getting chic every day, no matter what, seem far less and few in between as I spend more and more time on my bike.